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Full Services

Mission Statement

We are committed to listening to our clients worries and concerns. We want to understand their interpretation of the pets clinical signs and symptoms. We will use our knowledge and medical skills to care for the pet in a compassionate and caring environment.  We will aid our clients in making well informed decisions about their pets health care .  We are dedicated to educating our clients about preventative medicine and diagnostics that will aid in their pets achieving a long and healthy life.



We do a wide variety of surgeries ranging from spays and neuters to more complicated soft tissue.

Blood work

Our hospital has a fully equipped  laboratory to quickly meet most routine and emergency needs. We also use a outside laboratory pathology and microbiology samples.


Dental Cleaning

Dental and periodontal disease is the most common disease affecting our pets.  It can cause signs ranging from bad breath to infection , inflammation, difficulty eating and severe pain.  We believe that top-notch dental care is an important part of your pets long term health.


Companion Animal Laser Therapy

This technology uses very specific light waves to penetrate deep into the tissues and stimulate the cells reducing pain and inflammation , while increasing blood flow to the area and stimulating the natural growth of cells essential to the bodies healing process.


Wellness Care

Yearly exams are important for your pet even if they appear  generally healthy.  It allows us to make note of insidious problems like arthritis, obesity, dental disease and formulate a plan of action. Remember your pet ages much faster than we do, so yearly visits are equivalent to you going to the doctor every 7 years.

We are a full service ANIMAL HOSPITAL with DOG & CAT BOARDING and BATHING in the Trinity, New Port Richey & Odessa area.

We also have an ONLINE PET PHARMACY for all your pet needs. 

We Offer full veterinary services, including:

                              SURGERY:  soft tissue


                              DENTAL:  dental prophy


                                                oral tumors

                                                restorative fillings

Complete digital x-ray service

Lab work on site


Companion laser therapy.

Yes!  We offer boarding for large and small dogs
We have beautiful kennel facilities for those of you needing boarding. Pets have a fenced in yard for exercise and potty time.

We also board cats and have a separate area for them.