How to give a medicated bath


Shampoo therapy can be very important in the successful management of many skin conditions.  Although bathing your dog may be time consuming, it can provide many benefits such as decreasing the length of time of antibiotic therapy, reducing the numbers of bacteria and yeast on the skin and decreasing the number of allergens that can be absorbed from the skin surface. In addition, baths are soothing and often reduce itching, odor, dandruff and discharge from the skin.


If your dog's fur is dirty or greasy, bathe with a gentle cleansing shampoo first then your medicated shampoo.  Use cool or lukewarm water not hot.  Work the medicated shampoo into the most affected areas first to allow the greatest contact time.  Make sure you get down to the skin.  Then start timing - 10 minutes!  Don't guesstimate, actually time it for the best results.  Rinse thoroughly.  Towel dry and if your dog is okay with it, you can use a hair dryer on the cool setting.


The frequency of bathing varies with the type of severity of the skin condition but most dogs respond to twice weekly or 3 times a week bathing initially.  As the condition responds to therapy the frequency of bathing can be decreased to once a week for prevention.


We can help - don't have time or a place to bathe your dog?  We'll do it for you.  Call us for pricing and an appointment.

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